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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/16] dt-bindings: spi: Add bcmbca-hsspi controller support
On 14/01/2023 04:17, William Zhang wrote:
>>> I
>>> know there are usage like that but when we have clear knowledge of the
>>> IP block with rev info, I think it is much better to have a precise SoC
>> No, it's not particularly better and you were questioning it just before...
> Better than using the very old specific chip model number to bind all
> other new chips while I have a chance to update the doc now.

It will be used to bind them anyway, it's already an ABI.

> I guess we
> have to agree to disagree. Enough discussion and I will send out v2 next
> week. Thanks for the review.
>>> model number and a general revision info in the compatible. As you know
>>> they are many usage of IP rev info in the compatible too.
>>> brcm,bcm6328-hsspi will stay so it does not break any existing dts
>>> reference to that.
>> Anyway your ship sailed - you already have bindings using SoC versions...

As I said here...

Best regards,

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