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SubjectRe: [External] Re: [PATCH 0/3] mm: replace atomic_t with percpu_ref in mempolicy.
> On Fri 13-01-23 17:20:39, Michal Hocko wrote:
>> This is really hard to follow. Without having the context from previous
>> discussions I would be completely lost. Please structure your cover
>> letter but also other patch in general in the form:
>> - what is the problem you would like to deal with
>> - want to introduce pidfd_set_mempolicy because XYZ
>> - what stands in the way
>> - mempolicy objects access constrains (reliance on operating in
>> the current context)
>> - reference counting needs to be unconditional
>> - why regular reference counting is not sufficient (performance)
>> - what is this patchset proposing
>> - per cpu reference counting
>> - how is it implemented
>> - how is the patch series structured
>> - make the reference counting unconditional
>> - special case static (never released) policies
>> - replace standard ref counting by per-cpu reference counting
> - introduce pidfd_set_mempolicy
>> - how has this been tested?

Hi Michal, thanks for your review and suggestions.

I will follow the advice above to structure the letter and
split the patches smaller on next version.


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