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Subjectnvkm_devinit_func.disable() to be made void
It appears that the callback function disable() of struct nvkm_devinit_func does
not need return U64 and can be transformed to be a void. This will impact a few
drivers that have currently implementation of this callback since those always
return 0ULL. So,

Change from
8 struct nvkm_devinit_func {
... ...
15 u64 (*disable)(struct nvkm_devinit *);
1 };

Change to
8 struct nvkm_devinit_func {
... ...
15 void (*disable)(struct nvkm_devinit *);
1 };

I am unsure if this change will have any UAPI impact. Hence wanted to confirm
with you if you think this transformation is useful. If yes, I will be happy to
submit a patch for your consideration.

Please let me know.

Thank you,

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