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SubjectRe: Re: [RFC PATCH v1] mm: oom: introduce cpuset oom
On 2022/9/23 15:45, Michal Hocko wrote:
> Yeah, that is possible and something to consider. One way to go about
> that is to make the selection from all cpusets with an overlap with the
> requested nodemask (probably with a preference to more constrained
> ones). In any case let's keep in mind that this is a mere heuristic. We
> just need to kill some process, it is not really feasible to aim for the
> best selection. We should just try to reduce the harm. Our exisiting
> cpuset based OOM is effectivelly random without any clear relation to
> cpusets so I would be open to experimenting in this area.

In addition to cpuset, users can also bind numa through mbind(). So I
want to manage numa binding applications that are not managed by cpuset.
Do you have any ideas?

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