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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix: add XHCI_SPURIOUS_SUCCESS to ASM1042 despite being a V0.96 controller
On Mon, Sep 26, 2022 at 02:31:42PM +0300, Mathias Nyman wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks for the patch, some small changes still needed:
> Include subsystem in subject line, something like
> usb: xhci: Add XHCI_SPURIOUS...

And don't forget to include a revision number inside the []'s on the
Subject line for all revised submissions.

> On 25.9.2022 20.22, Jens Glathe wrote:
> > only if it reports as a V0.96 XHCI controller. Appears to fix the errors

It would be nice if the first sentence (not to mention the later ones)
of the patch description actually was a complete sentence. I realize
that lots of commits don't bother to do this, but IMNSHO they ought to.

> > "xhci_hcd <address>; ERROR Transfer event TRB DMA ptr not part of
> > current TD ep_index 2 comp_code 13" that appear spuriously (or pretty
> > often) when using a r8152 USB3 ethernet adapter with integrated hub.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Jens Glathe <>
> > ---

Likewise, for resubmissions don't forget to include a quick description
here (just below the "---" line) of how the resubmission differs from
the earlier versions.

Alan Stern

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