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Subject[RESEND PATCH v4 0/3] drivers/perf: add DDR Sub-System Driveway PMU driver for Yitian 710 SoC
Hi, Will,

I am wondering that do you have any comments to this patch set? If/when you're
happy with them, cloud you please queue them up?

Thank you :)


Changes since v3:
- add Reviewed-by of Baolin
- Rebase on Linux v6.0 rc1

Changes since v2:
- relaxe build constraints and add COMPILE_TEST
- explicitly include dependent headers
- add Reviewed-by, thanks Jonathan Cameron and Randy Dunlap for their
valuable review and comments
- Link:

Changes since v1:
- add high level workflow about DDRC so that user cloud better understand
the PMU hardware mechanism
- rewrite patch description and add interrupt sharing constraints
- delete event perf prefix
- add a condition to fix bug in ali_drw_pmu_isr
- perfer CPU in the same Node when migrating irq
- use FIELD_PREP and FIELD_GET to make code more readable
- add T-Head HID and leave ARMHD700 as CID for compatibility
- Link:

This patchset adds support for Yitian 710 DDR Sub-System Driveway PMU driver,
which custom-built by Alibaba Group's chip development business, T-Head.

Shuai Xue (3):
docs: perf: Add description for Alibaba's T-Head PMU driver
drivers/perf: add DDR Sub-System Driveway PMU driver for Yitian 710
MAINTAINERS: add maintainers for Alibaba' T-Head PMU driver

.../admin-guide/perf/alibaba_pmu.rst | 100 +++
Documentation/admin-guide/perf/index.rst | 1 +
drivers/perf/Kconfig | 7 +
drivers/perf/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/perf/alibaba_uncore_drw_pmu.c | 810 ++++++++++++++++++
6 files changed, 925 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 Documentation/admin-guide/perf/alibaba_pmu.rst
create mode 100644 drivers/perf/alibaba_uncore_drw_pmu.c


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