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SubjectRE: [GIT PULL] printk for 5.20
> On 2022-08-02 20:19:34 [-0700], Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > Seriously, even if you have strict RT requirements, you may also have
> > strict debugging requirements, and if something goes wrong, you want
> > to KNOW ABOUT IT. At that point, your RT rules may well fly out the
> > window, because you have more serious problems.
> >
> > End result: no way will I accept this kind of completely arbitrary and
> > frankly not very intelligent patch.
> >
> > If people want to disable console printing, that's THEIR CHOICE. It
> > could be a new config variable where you ASK people about what they
> > want. Not this kind of idiotic tying together of things.

There is already the sysctl kernel.printk
That can be used to limit the effects of console logging.

I don't actually remember the 'threaded console' stuff being
enabled/disabled in much the same way.

I end up setting '6 4 1 7' to avoid serial port delays.
But (in some sense) it might be useful to have the supressed
'info' messages output by a thread.


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