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SubjectRe: [PATCH] soc: sof: fix clang -Wformat warnings
On Tue, Aug 02, 2022 at 01:25:24PM -0700, Nathan Chancellor wrote:

> Is it too late for this patch to make 6.0? We are trying to enable
> -Wformat for clang in 6.0 and this instance of that warning was
> introduced this development cycle by commit 323aa1f093e6 ("ASoC: SOF:
> Add a new IPC op for parsing topology manifest"). If I am tracking all
> my patches correctly, this is the only instance of -Wformat that does
> not have a patch applied to a maintainer's tree so it would be really
> unfortunate if we could not sure it on for -rc1.

> We could probably route this via the Kbuild tree with an Ack along with
> the patch that enables -Wformat if it cannot go via Mark's or Takashi's
> ree.

We have a couple of months to get fixes into the next release so it's
not an emergency at this point. If you want people to see things
promptly you really need to do things like send them with subject lines
that look like something that might be relevant for them to review
(generally, at least visually resemble how other commits in the area
look). I don't know if I even opened this mail first time around
because based on the subject it looks like something for drivers/soc not
a subsystem I maintain. Given that none of the SOF people responded
it's likely something similar applied there.

In any case, if you think something's been lost the content free pings
either here or on IRC aren't that helpful - they're not directly
actionable. It is generally more helpful to resend, that way people
have the patch to hand and don't need to go looking for it.
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