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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] mm/gup.c: Simplify and fix check_and_migrate_movable_pages() return codes
On Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 8:32 PM Alistair Popple <> wrote:
> When pinning pages with FOLL_LONGTERM check_and_migrate_movable_pages()
> is called to migrate pages out of zones which should not contain any
> longterm pinned pages.
> When migration succeeds all pages will have been unpinned so pinning
> needs to be retried. This is indicated by returning zero. When all pages
> are in the correct zone the number of pinned pages is returned.
> However migration can also fail, in which case pages are unpinned and
> -ENOMEM is returned. However if the failure was due to not being unable
> to isolate a page zero is returned. This leads to indefinite looping in
> __gup_longterm_locked().

Hi Alistair,

During prohibiting pinning movable zone development, there was a
discussion where we figured that isolation errors should be transient
[1]. What isolation errors are you seeing that lead to infinite loop?
Why do they happen?



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