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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC 0/4] mm: Remember young bit for migration entries
On 02.08.22 22:35, Peter Xu wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 02, 2022 at 10:23:49PM +0200, David Hildenbrand wrote:
>>> I don't think we only care about x86_64? Should other archs have the same
>>> issue as long as there's the hardware young bit?
>>> Even without it, it'll affect page reclaim logic too, and that's also not
>>> x86 only.
>> Okay, reading the cover letter and looking at the code my understanding
>> was that x86-64 is the real focus.
>>>>> Besides I actually have a question on the anon exclusive bit in the swap
>>>>> pte: since we have that anyway, why we need a specific migration type for
>>>>> anon exclusive pages? Can it be simply read migration entries with anon
>>>>> exclusive bit set?
>>>> Not before all arch support pte_swp_mkexclusive/pte_swp_exclusive/.
>>>> As pte_swp_mkexclusive/pte_swp_exclusive/ only applies to actual swap
>>>> PTEs, you could even reuse that bit for migration entries and get at
>>>> alteast the most relevant 64bit architectures supported easily.
>>> Yes, but I think having two mechanisms for the single problem can confuse
>>> people.
>> It would be one bit with two different meanings depending on the swp type.
>>> IIUC the swap bit is already defined in major archs anyway, and since anon
>>> exclusive bit is best-effort (or am I wrong?..), I won't worry too much on
>> It kind-of is best effort, but the goal is to have all archs support it.
>> ... just like the young bit here?
> Exactly, so I'm also wondering whether we can move the swp pte anon
> exclusive bit into swp entry. It just sounds weird to have them defined in
> two ways.

I'd argue it's just the swp vs. nonswp difference that are in fact two
different concepts (device+offset vs. type+pte). And some dirty details
how swp entries are actually used.

With swp entries you have to be very careful, for example, take a look
at radix_to_swp_entry() and swp_to_radix_entry(). That made me refrain
from touching anything inside actual swp entries and instead store it in
the pte.

>>> archs outside x86/arm/ppc/s390 on having anon exclusive bit lost during
>>> migrations, because afaict the whole swap type of ANON_EXCLUSIVE_READ is
>>> only servicing that very minority.. which seems to be a pity to waste the
>> I have a big item on my todo list to support all, but I have different
>> priorities right now.
>> If there is no free bit, simply steal one from the offset ... which is
>> the same thing your approach would do, just in a different way, no?
>>> swp type on all archs even if the archs defined swp pte bits just for anon
>>> exclusive.
>> Why do we care? We walk about one type not one bit.
> The swap type address space is still limited, I'd say we should save when
> possible. I believe people caring about swapping care about the limit of
> swap devices too. If the offset can keep it, I think it's better than the

Ehm, last time I did the math I came to the conclusion that nobody
cares. Let me redo the math:

MAX_SWAPFILES = 1<<5 - 1 - 1 - 4 - 3 - 1 = 22

Which is the worst case right now with all kinds of oddity compiled in

So far nobody complaint.

> swap type. De-dup either the type or the swap pte bit would be nicer, imho.

If you manage bits in the pte manually, you might be able to get a
better packing density, if bits are scattered around. Just take a look
at the x86_64 location of _PAGE_SWP_EXCLUSIVE.

What I'm rooting for is something like

#define pte_nonswp_mkyoung pte_swp_mkexclusive

Eventually with some VM_BUG_ONs to make sure people call it on the right
swp ptes.

If we ever want to get rid of SWP_MIGRATION_READ_EXCLUSIVE (so people
can have 23 swap devices), and eventually have separate bits for both.
For now it's not necessary.


David / dhildenb

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