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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/3] Rename "cifs" module to "smbfs"
On 08/02, Tom Talpey wrote:
>The initial goal is to modularize the SMB1 code, so it can be completely
>removed from a running system. The extensive refactoring logically leads
>to this directory renaming, but renaming is basically a side effect.
>Stamping out the four-letter word C-I-F-S is a secondary goal. At this
>point, the industry has stopped using it. You make a good point that
>it's still visible outside the kernel source though.
>It makes good sense to do the refactoring in place, at first. Splitting
>the {smb1,cifs}*.[ch] files will be more complex, but maybe easier to
>review and merge, without folding in a new directory tree and git rm/mv.
>Either way, there will be at least two modules, maybe three if we split
>out generic subroutines.
>Enzo, you're up to your elbows in this code now, is it too ugly without
>the new directories?

Having things in separate directories and code appropriately distributed
in coherently named headers/sources certainly makes things easier to
work with.

Of course this patch is not important, by far, but from what I
gathered, it was some people's wish to move away from "cifs" name.

Answering your question (IIUC), Tom, I'm ok with postponing this change.




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