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SubjectRe: [RESEND] Please consider name next Linux release "I love Linux" (Re: Linux 5.19)
On 8/12/22 10:39, Baoquan He wrote:
> Hi Boyang,
> On 08/11/22 at 10:02pm, Zhang Boyang wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 2022/8/1 05:43, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>>> (*) I'll likely call it 6.0 since I'm starting to worry about getting
>>> confused by big numbers again.
>> Could you please consider name the next Linux release (5.20 or 6.0) "I love
>> linux" ? The number "5.20" is a wordplay in Chinese, which means "I love
>> you" [1], thus "Linux 5.20" can be read as "I love Linux" in Chinese.
>> Even if next kernel version is 6.0, I think it's probably a good idea for
>> both Chinese-speakers and non-Chinese speakers to express our love to Linux
>> Kernel.
> Interesting idea, LOL.
> Yes, 520 means 'I love you' in chinese since it has the similar pronunciation
> with '我爱你'. I even don't remember since when May 20th becomes another
> holiday similar to Valentine's day in China. While I have complicated feeling
> about 520. It means on each May 20th, I also need prepare gift for my wife. I
> am not a romantic person, preparing gift to lover is always a torture to me.
> So almost each May 20th day, Valentine's day, double seventh festival which is
> a traditional Valentine's day, I will become nervous, and it ends up
> with a satisfactory gift, or a bunch of flower and a digital red envelope with
> 520¥ and then complainment and blame in next two weeks.
> So, for naming next release as '5.20', I will vote for it w/o hesitance. No need
> to prepare gift, and can express our love to Linux kernel, it sounds
> awesome.
> Meanwhile, I would remind people to take it easy. Whether the suggestion
> is accepted or not, it doesn't impact the fact that linux may have
> become part of our life, not just our work, considering many kernel developers
> are workoing form home. But if you have boasted to your girlfriend
> or wife, and want to take this as a gift to her, you should try harder to
> convince Linus.

Woah. This is some of the larger-scale "cultural export" I've ever seen,
and probably the first time on LKML. I'd remember the few dry laughs
when I tried to explain the "Superb Owl" meme to my teammates,
unfamiliar with (US) English memes in general, so I could even
sympathize with those of you not knowing Chinese Internet memes...

One thing is for sure, if the next Linux version is to be kept 5.20 and
codenamed "Linux I love you" or something like that, it would certainly
make headlines on Chinese tech news sites for a while, more specifically
both after rc1 and the final release; but anyway, as Baoquan already
pointed out, our collective love for Linux and the open-source ideals
behind the whole thing is not going anywhere, no matter what the
Makefile says. (You may find it useful to make your partner happy using
the 520/521 meme too, if applicable; but from my own experience, better
not bring up Linux if your partner is not interested in that topic!)

(And, pun semi-intended for that "bringing up". ;-)

WANG "xen0n" Xuerui

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