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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 00/12] platform/x86: introduce p2sb_bar() helper
Am Mon, 18 Jul 2022 14:17:42 +0300
schrieb Andy Shevchenko <>:

> On Mon, Jun 06, 2022 at 07:41:26PM +0300, Andy Shevchenko wrote:
> > There are a few users that would like to utilize P2SB mechanism of
> > hiding and unhiding a device from the PCI configuration space.
> >
> > Here is the series to consolidate p2sb handling code for existing
> > users and to provide a generic way for new comer(s).
> >
> > It also includes a patch to enable GPIO controllers on Apollo Lake
> > when it's used with ABL bootloader w/o ACPI support.
> >
> > The patch that brings the helper ("platform/x86/intel: Add Primary
> > to Sideband (P2SB) bridge support") has a commit message that sheds
> > a light on what the P2SB is and why this is needed.
> >
> > I have tested this on Apollo Lake platform (I'm able to see SPI NOR
> > and since we have an ACPI device for GPIO I do not see any attempts
> > to recreate one).
> >
> > The series is ready to be merged via MFD tree, but see below.
> >
> > The series also includes updates for Simatic IPC drivers that
> > partially tagged by respective maintainers (the main question is if
> > Pavel is okay with the last three patches, since I believe Hans is
> > okay with removing some code under PDx86). Hence the first 8
> > patches can be merged right away and the rest when Pavel does his
> > review.
> Kernel test bot seems found an issue with dependencies, because
> selection of P2SB is not enough.
> There are two solutions that I can see now:
> 1) move P2SB out of X86_PLATFORM_DEVICES section (like PMC_ATOM);
> 2) add 'depends on X86_PLATFORM_DEVICES' to the affected drivers.
> I think the first solution cleaner, because it would be strange to
> have the dependency on the drivers that quite unlikely be on server
> platforms (e.g. EDAC).
> In long term perhaps something like drivers/platform/x86/lib which is
> for platform libraries or so and independent on X86_PLATFORM_DEVICES?
> I will send a fix soon as per 1) above, feel free to comment here or
> there.

Hey Andy,

is that one on the way already? I meanwhile also found a possible
configuration issue in my patches you carry on top. And i suggest to
include or squash
[PATCH] leds: simatic-ipc-leds-gpio: make sure we have the GPIO
providing driver

in this series.

I am also working on adding more models which have GPIO based LEDs. All
the patches are based on this series because it is where i currently
introduce GPIO based LEDs for simatic. I would not want to change the
ordering but at the same time i would like to meet 5.20.


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