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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] spi: microchip-core-qspi: Add support for microchip fpga qspi controllers
On Mon, Aug 01, 2022 at 10:40:33AM +0000, wrote:
> On 01/08/2022 10:42, Naga Sureshkumar Relli wrote:

> > + qspi = spi_controller_get_devdata(ctlr);

> Is there a reason to use spi_controller_get_devdata() rather than
> spi_master_get_devdata() ?

We are trying to move everything away from the old terminonlogy to using
controller, this also applies to the the other API functions.

> > +clk_dis_all:
> > + clk_disable_unprepare(qspi->clk);

> If we move the clk prepare & enable later in probe, ie after
> getting the irq, this goto could be removed too because the
> only place requiring teardown of the clock would be the error
> path of devm_spi_register_controller().

Is the clock needed for handling of the interrupt?
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