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SubjectRe: [PATCH V14 01/15] ACPICA: MADT: Add LoongArch APICs support

On 2022/7/7 下午6:18, Marc Zyngier wrote:
> On Sun, 03 Jul 2022 09:45:18 +0100,
> Jianmin Lv <> wrote:
>> From: Huacai Chen <>
>> LoongArch-specific interrupt controllers (similar to APIC) are added
>> in the next revision of ACPI Specification (current revision is 6.4),
>> (PCHMSI). This patch add their definition.
>> ACPI changes of LoongArch-specific interrupt controllers have already
>> been approved in the ECRs, and will be public in the next revision of
>> ACPI Specification.
>> Reference:
>> Reference:
> These links are pretty useless without an account on (most
> people don't have one, and I certainly don't). Is there a link to
> something *public*?

Sorry for inaccessible links, I take the patch from ACPICA, and the
links here are intended to provide to ACPI maintainers when the patch
was submitted to ACPICA.

The ACPI spec 6.5 is not published yet, and I have asked the ACPI spec
work group, their reply is that I can not share the unpublished spec
draft link to the public, only using for member to review. I think
I can put the ECR(Engineering Change Request) file that described
LoongArch APICs on my github and put the link in the patch.

From mail of the ACPI spec work group , the ACPI spec 6.5 will be
published in late July or early August.

> Thanks,
> M.

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