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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] gpio: regmap: Support a custom ->to_irq() hook

Andy Shevchenko <> writes:

> On Sun, Jul 3, 2022 at 1:11 PM Aidan MacDonald
> <> wrote:
>> Some GPIO chips require a custom to_irq() callback for mapping
>> their IRQs, eg. because their interrupts come from a parent IRQ
>> chip where the GPIO offset doesn't map 1-to-1 with hwirq number.
> Don't they follow a hierarchical IRQ domain in that case?
> And to be honest after the commit ef38237444ce ("gpiolib: add a
> warning on gpiochip->to_irq defined") I have no idea how it works in
> your case and also I feel this patch is a wrong direction of
> development.

My own use case is an MFD device with a shared IRQ chip that is
used by other sub-drivers. This is a very common case that seems
to map onto ->to_irq() cleanly. Do we really need an IRQ domain?
What you're suggesting would be a 1-to-1 mapping from GPIO offset
to hwirq number in a virtual domain, then remapping to the real
hwirq number, which seems unnecessarily complicated when we can
just change the GPIO offset -> hwirq mapping.

The commit you mentioned is warning users of GPIOLIB_IRQCHIP when a
custom ->to_irq() method is overridden. That's not relevant here.
Using an IRQ domain also overrides ->to_irq() so I included a check
in this patch to ensure gpio-regmap chips are well-behaved.

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