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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next v1 1/1] net: bridge: ensure that link-local traffic cannot unlock a locked port
> IIUC, with mv88e6xxx, when the port is locked and learning is disabled:
> 1. You do not get miss violation interrupts. Meaning, you can't report
> 'locked' entries to the bridge driver.
> 2. You do not get aged-out interrupts. Meaning, you can't tell the
> bridge driver to remove aged-out entries.
> My point is that this should happen regardless if learning is enabled on
> the bridge driver or not. Just make sure it is always enabled in
> mv88e6xxx when the port is locked. Learning in the bridge driver itself
> can be off, thereby eliminating the need to disable learning from
> link-local packets.

So you suggest that we enable learning in the driver when locking the
port and document that learning should be turned off from user space
before locking the port?

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