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SubjectRe: [mm-unstable v5 PATCH 0/7] Cleanup transhuge_xxx helpers
On Thu, 16 Jun 2022 10:48:33 -0700 Yang Shi <> wrote:

> This series is the follow-up of the discussion about cleaning up transhuge_xxx
> helpers at
> THP has a bunch of helpers that do VMA sanity check for different paths, they
> do the similar checks for the most callsites and have a lot duplicate codes.
> And it is confusing what helpers should be used at what conditions.
> This series reorganized and cleaned up the code so that we could consolidate
> all the checks into hugepage_vma_check().
> The transhuge_vma_enabled(), transparent_hugepage_active() and
> __transparent_hugepage_enabled() are killed by this series.

I plan to move this into mm-stable later this week, along with two fixups:

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