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    Subject[Patch RFC net-next 0/4] net: dsa: microchip: vlan configuration for bridge_vlan_unaware ports
    During refactoring of ksz spi probe, ds->configure_vlan_while_filtering flag is
    set in the ksz_setup function. It makes the extack warning when vlan_add
    command is used when vlan_filtering is turned off for the port.
    To allow the vlan_add for the bridge vlan unaware ports, private pvid is used
    for it. This pvid is used for the vlan_unaware ports. The private pvid is added
    to the vlan_table during the port_setup function.
    For the vlan aware ports, pvid issued by the user application will be used.
    Bridge vlan pvid is stored in the ksz port structure which can be used during
    transition between the vlan aware to unaware and vice versa.

    Tested using the following sequence for ksz9477 and lan937x
    Setup -> Host1 --- LAN1 -- LAN2 --- Host2

    ip link set dev br0 type bridge vlan_filtering 0
    bridge vlan add vid 5 dev lan1 pvid untagged
    bridge vlan add vid 5 dev lan2 pvid untagged
    bridge vlan del vid 5 dev lan1
    bridge vlan del vid 5 dev lan2

    After each step of execution, transmitted the packets from Host1 and
    successfully received by the Host2.

    Arun Ramadoss (4):
    net: dsa: microchip: modify vlan_add function prototype
    net: dsa: microchip: lan937x: remove vlan_filtering_is_global flag
    net: dsa: microchip: common ksz pvid get and set function
    net: dsa: microchip: use private pvid for bridge_vlan_unwaware

    drivers/net/dsa/microchip/ksz8.h | 6 +-
    drivers/net/dsa/microchip/ksz8795.c | 42 +++-------
    drivers/net/dsa/microchip/ksz9477.c | 40 ++++------
    drivers/net/dsa/microchip/ksz9477.h | 5 +-
    drivers/net/dsa/microchip/ksz_common.c | 98 +++++++++++++++++++++++-
    drivers/net/dsa/microchip/ksz_common.h | 21 ++++-
    drivers/net/dsa/microchip/lan937x_main.c | 5 --
    7 files changed, 142 insertions(+), 75 deletions(-)

    base-commit: ba323f6bee1d1e70aed280f8c89ac06959559855

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