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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] perf/amlogic: Add support for Amlogic meson G12 SoC DDR PMU driver
Hi Chris,

On 17/07/2022 22:58, Chris Healy wrote:

>> [...]
>>>>> + goto err2;
>>>>> + }
>>>>> +
>>>>> + irq_name = of_get_property(node, "interrupt-names", NULL);
>>>>> + if (!irq_name)
>>>>> + irq_name = "ddr_pmu";
>>>> That's not how the "interrupt-names" property works. If you only have
>>>> a single interrupt then there's not much need for it to be named in
>>>> the DT at all. If you do want to use named interrupts then use
>>>> platform_get_irq_byname(), and the name should probably have a bnit
>>>> more functional meaning. Either way, please don't abuse the DT like this.
>>> Okay, actually there will be multiple interrupts , but not in current
>>> G12 series.
>> That's fair enough, so we should try to anticipate it in the design of
>> the DT binding. If for instance future SoCs are going to move from
>> having a single combined overflow interrupt to a separate interrupt for
>> each counter, then the driver can reasonably continue to get them by
>> index and we'll effectively only need to update maxItems in the binding.
>> If on the other hand there's still going to be one combined overflow
>> interrupt, plus some other new interrupt for something completely
>> different, then it *could* be more appropriate to have names, and thus
>> to define and use a standard "overflow" name from the beginning even
>> when it is the only one present, so that we can remain consistent later
>> once more are added.
> My assumption is that the goal of having this "interrupt-names" in DT
> is to cover future cases where there is more than one DRAM controller
> instance in the SoC and you want to be able to discriminate between
> the two instances with this driver's interrupt name. If this is true,
> as an alternative, you could do something like this:
> This should result in each instance having a unique name that includes
> the base address as the prefix to the interrupt name which should be
> sufficient for determining which instance is which.

It's ok to introduce interrupt-names in the bindings for newer SoCs,
since it's useless for the current ones, there's no need to introduce it right now.

It's also why it's simpler to introduce a compatible per SoC, so we can add
different attributes in the bindings depending on the compatible.



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