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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm/hugetlb: avoid corrupting page->mapping in hugetlb_mcopy_atomic_pte
On 2022/7/17 7:06, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jul 2022 17:59:53 +0800 Miaohe Lin <> wrote:
>> On 2022/7/14 1:23, Andrew Morton wrote:
>>> On Tue, 12 Jul 2022 21:05:42 +0800 Miaohe Lin <> wrote:
>>>> In MCOPY_ATOMIC_CONTINUE case with a non-shared VMA, pages in the page
>>>> cache are installed in the ptes. But hugepage_add_new_anon_rmap is called
>>>> for them mistakenly because they're not vm_shared. This will corrupt the
>>>> page->mapping used by page cache code.
>>> Well that sounds bad. And theories on why this has gone unnoticed for
>>> over a year? I assume this doesn't have coverage in our selftests?
>> As discussed in another thread, when minor fault handling is proposed, only
>> VM_SHARED vma is expected to be supported
> So... do we feel that this fix should be backported? And if so, is
> there a suitable commit for the Fixes:?

I tend to backport this fix. And I think the Fixes tag in this patch should be suitable,
i.e. Fixes: f619147104c8 ("userfaultfd: add UFFDIO_CONTINUE ioctl").


> .

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