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Subjectnext-20220715 build fail due to 579b9239c1f386 (powerpc, ps3_defconfig, GCC 12.1.0)
Hi everyone,

I built next-20220715 tree, using powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc
(GCC 12.1.0) and ps3_defconfig. The build errored on W=1 build

CC arch/powerpc/mm/book3s64/pgtable.o
CC arch/powerpc/kernel/process.o
arch/powerpc/mm/book3s64/pgtable.c:478:5: error: no previous prototype for 'pmd_move_must_withdraw' [-Werror=missing-prototypes]
478 | int pmd_move_must_withdraw(struct spinlock *new_pmd_ptl,
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors

The errored line is introduced by commit 579b9239c1f386 ("powerpc/radix: Fix
kernel crash with mremap()")

Looking at the commit, it seems like GCC didn't see the prototype which had
already been given, or am I missing something?


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