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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/8] Add ipq806x missing bindings
    On Thu, 7 Jul 2022 03:09:34 +0200, Christian Marangi wrote:
    > This is a respin of "Multiple addition to ipq8064 dtsi" series
    > with major changes and some commit removed.
    > This series try to add some of the missing bindings for ipq806x.
    > This still lacks of the cpu bindings and all the bindings required
    > to scale cpu clk or L2. These will come later as the driver and
    > documentation require some changes.
    > [...]

    Applied, thanks!

    [1/8] ARM: dts: qcom: add multiple missing pin definition for ipq8064
    commit: 4af1defb305798d1a064a5ea0d0c9b30e5eee185
    [2/8] ARM: dts: qcom: add gsbi6 missing definition for ipq8064
    commit: d883a12a547b6d42e795ff3b5ac87cfd013b5423
    [3/8] ARM: dts: qcom: add specific ipq8064 dtsi with smb208 rpm regulators
    commit: 5c47a46d5e942ea6b041c8b7727b201817c1ff76
    [4/8] ARM: dts: qcom: add missing snps,dwmac compatible for gmac ipq8064
    commit: 0ce34e0c13e99c239cce6099f64b0e95697f36b1
    [5/8] ARM: dts: qcom: disable usb phy by default for ipq8064
    commit: d63d3124c0a5cdbe8b91d81b922fe56b2462e1b9
    [6/8] ARM: dts: qcom: reduce pci IO size to 64K for ipq8064
    commit: 8fafb7e5c041814876266259e5e439f93571dcef
    [7/8] ARM: dts: qcom: fix and add some missing gsbi node for ipq8064
    commit: 6c421a9c08286389bb331fe783e2625c9efcc187
    [8/8] ARM: dts: qcom: add speedbin efuse nvmem node
    commit: 7f5aecdd4ffcc018f73171bc0e028cd4e3361acd

    Best regards,
    Bjorn Andersson <>

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