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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 00/12] thermal OF rework


On 10/07/2022 14:34, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
> The thermal framework initialization with the device tree appears to
> be complicated and hard to make it to evolve.
> It contains duplication of almost the same thermal generic structures
> and has an assymetric initialization making hard any kind of serious
> changes for more complex features. One of them is the multiple sensors
> support per thermal zone.
> In order to set the scene for the aforementioned feature with generic
> code, we need to cleanup and rework the device tree initialization.
> However this rework is not obvious because of the multiple components
> entering in the composition of a thermal zone and being initialized at
> different moments. For instance, a cooling device can be initialized
> before a sensor, so the thermal zones must exist before the cooling
> device as well as the sensor. This asynchronous initialization forces
> the thermal zone to be created with fake ops because they are
> mandotory and build a list of cooling devices which is used to lookup
> afterwards when the cooling device driver is registering itself.
> As there could be a large number of changes, this first series provide
> some steps forward for a simpler device tree initialization.
> More series for cleanup and code duplication removal will follow.
> Changelog:
> - v5:
> - Remove extra of_node_put() reported by lkp
> - V4:
> - Added of_node_put(trips)
> - Changed naming 'ntrips' -> 'num_trips'
> - Updated documentation for added and renamed fields in the thermal
> zone structure
> - Fixed bad parameter type 'thermal_zone' -> 'thermal_zone_device'
> - Clarified there is more cleanups coming in the changelog
> - Put 'trips' and 'num_trips' fields all together
> - Made git-bisect safe the series

If there is no more comments, I'll pick this series

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