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Subject[BUG] staging: rtl8192u: Found a bug when removing the module

I found a bug in the rtl8192u module.

When removing the module, I got the following warning:

[ 20.407360] remove_proc_entry: removing non-empty directory
'net/rtl819xU', leaking at least 'wlan0'
[ 20.408609] WARNING: CPU: 4 PID: 451 at fs/proc/generic.c:718
[ 20.412316] RIP: 0010:remove_proc_entry+0x2e1/0x3e0
[ 20.420050] Call Trace:
[ 20.421178] rtl8192_usb_module_exit+0x4a/0x63 [r8192u_usb]

I think the problem is the misuse of the proc entry, but I'm not
familiar with the driver, so I'm reporting the bug to you.


Zheyu Ma

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