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SubjectRe: [cgroup] 3c87862ca1: WARNING:at_kernel/softirq.c:#__local_bh_enable_ip
Hello Tadeusz.

On Thu, Jun 09, 2022 at 07:30:41AM -0700, Tadeusz Struk <> wrote:
> Are you interested in fixing this at syzbot issue all?

The (original) syzbot report is conditioned by allocation failure that's
unlikely under normal conditions (AFAIU). Hence I don't treat it extra
high urgent.
OTOH, it's interesting and it points to some disparity worth fixing --
so I try helping (as time permits, so far I can only run the reproducers
via the syzbot).

> Do you have any more feedback on this?

Ad the patch v2 with spinlock per css -- that looks like an overkill to
me, I didn't look deeper into it.

Ad the in-thread patch with ancestry css_get(), the ->parent ref:
- is inc'd in init_and_link_css(),
- is dec'd in css_free_rwork_fn()
and thanks to ->online_cnt offlining is ordered (child before parent).

Where does your patch dec these ancestry references? (Or why would they
be missing in the first place?)

Thanks for digging into this!

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