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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 00/13] can: slcan: extend supported features
    On 08.06.2022 02:15:37, Max Staudt wrote:
    > To speed up the slcan cleanup, may I suggest looking at can327?
    > It started as a modification of slcan, and over the past few months,
    > it has gone through several review rounds in upstreaming. In fact, a
    > *ton* of things pointed out during reviews would apply 1:1 to slcan.
    > What's more, there's legacy stuff that's no longer needed. No
    > SLCAN_MAGIC, no slcan_devs, ... it's all gone in can327. May I suggest
    > you have a look at it and bring slcan's boilerplate in line with it?


    Most of Dario's series looks good. I suggest that we mainline this
    first. If there's interest and energy the slcan driver can be reworked
    to re-use the more modern concepts of the can327 driver.

    > It's certainly not perfect (7 patch series and counting, and that's
    > just the public ones), but I'm sure that looking at the two drivers
    > side-by-side could serve as a good starting point, to avoid
    > re-reviewing the same things all over again.


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