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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/7] can: refactoring of can-dev module and of Kbuild

On 08.06.22 01:59, Vincent MAILHOL wrote:
> On Wed. 8 Jun 2022 at 05:51, Oliver Hartkopp <> wrote:

>>>> (I also added 'hardware' to CAN device drivers with Netlink support) to have
>>>> a distinction to 'software/virtual' CAN device drivers)
> This line you modified is the verbatim copy of the title in
> menuconfig. So you are suggesting adding "hardware" to the menuconfig
> as well? It did not have this word in the title before this series.
> I was hesitating on this. If we name the symbol CAN_NETLINK, then I do
> not see the need to also add "hardware" in the title. If you look at
> the help menu, you will see: "This is required by all platform and
> hardware CAN drivers." Mentioning it in the help menu is enough for
> me.
> And because of the blur line between slcan (c.f. Marc's comment
> below), I am not convinced to add this.

Yes, discussing about this change I'm not convinced either ;-)

>>> The line between hardware and software/virtual devices ist blurry, the
>>> new can327 driver uses netlink and the slcan is currently being
>>> converted....
>> Right, which could mean that slcan and can327 should be located in the
>> 'usual' CAN device driver section and not in the sw/virtual device section.
> ACK, but as discussed with Marc, I will just focus on the series
> itself and ignore (for the moment) that slcan will probably be moved
> within CAN_NETLINK scope in the future.


Sorry for the noise!

Best regards,

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