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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 4/7] can: Kconfig: add CONFIG_CAN_RX_OFFLOAD
On Tue, 7 Jun 2022 17:14:55 -0700
Jakub Kicinski <> wrote:

> We have a ton of "magical" / hidden Kconfigs in networking, take a
> look at net/Kconfig. Quick grep, likely not very accurate but FWIW:

Fair enough. Thinking about it, I've grepped my distro's kernel config
for features more than just a handful of times...

> > How about making RX_OFFLOAD a separate .ko file, so we don't have
> > various possible versions of can_dev.ko?
> >
> > @Vincent, I think you suggested that some time ago, IIRC?
> >
> > (I know, I was against a ton of little modules, but I'm changing my
> > ways here now since it seems to help...)
> A separate module wouldn't help with my objections, I don't think.

In a system where the CAN stack is compiled as modules (i.e. a regular
desktop distribution), the feature's presence/absence would be easily
visible via the .ko file's presence/absence.

Then again, I have to agree, distributing a system where RX_OFFLOAD is
present, but no drivers using it whatsoever, seems... strange.

I guess I got lost in my thinking there, with my out of tree
development and all. Sorry for the noise.


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