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SubjectRe: [PATCH bpf-next v1 0/5] bpf: rstat: cgroup hierarchical stats
On Mon, Jun 6, 2022 at 5:32 AM Michal Koutný <> wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 03, 2022 at 12:47:19PM -0700, Yosry Ahmed <> wrote:
> > In short, think of these bpf maps as equivalents to "struct
> > memcg_vmstats" and "struct memcg_vmstats_percpu" in the memory
> > controller. They are just containers to store the stats in, they do
> > not have any subgraph structure and they have no use beyond storing
> > percpu and total stats.
> Thanks for the explanation.
> > I run small microbenchmarks that are not worth posting, they compared
> > the latency of bpf stats collection vs. in-kernel code that adds stats
> > to struct memcg_vmstats[_percpu] and flushes them accordingly, the
> > difference was marginal.
> OK, that's a reasonable comparison.
> > The main reason for this is to provide data in a similar fashion to
> > cgroupfs, in text file per-cgroup. I will include this clearly in the
> > next cover message.
> Thanks, it'd be great to have that use-case captured there.
> > AFAIK loading bpf programs requires a privileged user, so someone has
> > to approve such a program. Am I missing something?
> A sysctl unprivileged_bpf_disabled somehow stuck in my head. But as I
> wrote, this adds a way how to call cgroup_rstat_updated() directly, it's
> not reserved for privilged users anyhow.

I am not sure if kfuncs have different privilege requirements or if
there is a way to mark a kfunc as privileged. Maybe someone with more
bpf knowledge can help here. But I assume if unprivileged_bpf_disabled
is not set then there is a certain amount of risk/trust that you are
taking anyway?

> > bpf_iter_run_prog() is used to run bpf iterator programs, and it grabs
> > rcu read lock before doing so. So AFAICT we are good on that front.
> Thanks for the clarification.
> Michal

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