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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: fix misuse of mem alloc interface netdev[napi]_alloc_frag
On Fri, 3 Jun 2022 12:11:43 -0700 Eric Dumazet wrote:
> Yes, we only have to review callers and change the documentation and
> implementation.
> The confusion/overhead/generalization came with :
> commit 7ba7aeabbaba484347cc98fbe9045769ca0d118d
> Author: Sebastian Andrzej Siewior <>
> Date: Fri Jun 7 21:20:34 2019 +0200
> net: Don't disable interrupts in napi_alloc_frag()
> netdev_alloc_frag() can be used from any context and is used by NAPI
> and non-NAPI drivers. Non-NAPI drivers use it in interrupt context
> and NAPI drivers use it during initial allocation (->ndo_open() or
> ->ndo_change_mtu()). Some NAPI drivers share the same function for the
> initial allocation and the allocation in their NAPI callback.
> The interrupts are disabled in order to ensure locked access from every
> context to `netdev_alloc_cache'.
> Let netdev_alloc_frag() check if interrupts are disabled. If they are,
> use `netdev_alloc_cache' otherwise disable BH and invoke
> __napi_alloc_frag() for the allocation. The IRQ check is cheaper
> compared to disabling & enabling interrupts and memory allocation with
> disabled interrupts does not work on -RT.

Hm, should have looked at the code. Were you thinking of adding a
helper which would replace both netdev_ and napi_ variants and DTRT

An option for getting GFP_KERNEL in there would be having an rtnl frag
cache. Users who need frags on the reconfig path should be under rtnl,
they can call rtnl_alloc_frag(), which can use GFP_KERNEL internally.
Otherwise the GFP_KERNEL frag cache would need to be protected by
another mutex, I presume. Pre-allocating memory before using the napi
cache seems hard.

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