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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Documentation: kunit: eliminate code-block warnings

On 6/24/22 12:27, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> Randy Dunlap <> writes:
>> Fix Sphinx complaints about code-block directive missing an argument.
>> For start.rst, add "none" since that is already heavily used in that
>> file. For run_wrapper.rst, use the simpler "::" literal block instead.
> [Sorry that this fell through the cracks; I'm never quite sure who is
> going to handle kunit patches]
>> dev-tools/kunit/start.rst:83: WARNING: Error in "code-block" directive:
>> 1 argument(s) required, 0 supplied.
>> dev-tools/kunit/run_wrapper.rst:17: WARNING: Error in "code-block" directive:
>> 1 argument(s) required, 0 supplied.
> So which version of Sphinx are you using? The language argument became
> optional in 2.0, so you'd need to be running something pretty ancient to
> see this.
> Ah, I see 1.8.5 in your later wedded are you to that
> version?

It's what ships with OpenSuse Leap 15.3, which I have been using for quite
a long time.

I see that there is now OpenSuse Leap 15.4, so I could upgrade to that,
but I don't know what version on Sphinx it uses.

> Ostensibly we support back to 1.7, so I guess we should stick by its
> rules. But the better solution, I think, is to raise our minimum
> version; I think I'll look into that shortly.

>> Run command:
>> -.. code-block::
>> +::
> A much nicer fix for these would have been just:
> Run command::

Yeah, that is nicer.

> Oh well, I've applied it.



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