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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 09/17] mips: use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of just c0 random
Hi Jason,

> > There is lots of optimization potential on a few fronts we've identified
> > in this thread. Let's save these for a follow-up. I'd rather this
> > initial one be at least somewhat simple, so that as it gets optimized,
> > it'll be easy to handle regressions. Also, it probably makes sense for
> > you to send the patches for these, since you have both the hardware
> > chops and the hardware itself to assess these ideas. I am interested in
> > the topic though, so please do CC me.
> Everything has been upstream for a little while now, which means
> development of this can move back to the proper MIPS tree like normal.
> Did you want to submit some optimizations? Would be happy to look at
> whatever you have in mind.

Thank you for the heads-up!

Unfortunately I'm a little stuck at the moment, especially as one of my
main MIPS machines (a 5Kc Malta system) died mid-May while operating. It
seems to be a faulty CPU core card and the base board may be fine, though
I cannot know for sure as I only have one each and I don't have a logic
analyser or at least a JTAG probe to peek at the system and see what's
going on inside.

If anyone knows a source of a replacement Malta, preferably with a 5Kc
CoreLV CPU module or another 64-bit hard core card (a number of different
ones have been made), then I'll appreciate if you let me know. I feel
rather depressed knowing that many if not most hit the scrapper already
while they could still find a good use. Somehow it is easier to get way
more obsolete hardware from 1980/90s just because it was general purpose
rather than niche.

Otherwise I'll try to get back to this stuff later in the year with
whatever I have that still runs, but don't hold your breath. Sorry!


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