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Subject[PATCH RESEND for-al-viro] splice: allow direct splicing with chardevs
The original direct splicing mechanism from Jens required the input to
be a regular file because it was avoiding the special socket case. It
also recognized blkdevs as being close enough to a regular file. But it
forgot about chardevs, which behave the same way and work fine here.

This commit adds the missing S_ISCHR condition so that chardevs such as
/dev/urandom can be directly spliced without strangely returning

Fixes: b92ce5589374 ("[PATCH] splice: add direct fd <-> fd splicing support")
Reviewed-by: Jens Axboe <>
Signed-off-by: Jason A. Donenfeld <>
Resending this with Jens' reviewed-by attached (he wrote the original
code this patch modifies). The prior submission seems to have been
buried/forgotten. This is presumably for Al's tree, though if somebody
else wants to take it, I'd be happy to get it in anywhere. The prior
forgotten thread is here for reference:

fs/splice.c | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/fs/splice.c b/fs/splice.c
index 047b79db8eb5..7e673b1786fb 100644
--- a/fs/splice.c
+++ b/fs/splice.c
@@ -824,7 +824,7 @@ ssize_t splice_direct_to_actor(struct file *in, struct splice_desc *sd,
* piped splicing for that!
i_mode = file_inode(in)->i_mode;
- if (unlikely(!S_ISREG(i_mode) && !S_ISBLK(i_mode)))
+ if (unlikely(!S_ISREG(i_mode) && !S_ISBLK(i_mode) && !S_ISCHR(i_mode)))
return -EINVAL;

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