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SubjectRe: [PATCH 21/31] soc/tegra: Remove the call to devm_pm_opp_set_clkname()

On 24/06/2022 01:59, Viresh Kumar wrote:
> On 24-06-22, 05:58, Viresh Kumar wrote:
>> Though there will still be a problem here with my changes, we don't
>> accept NULL clkname anymore for the set-clkname API. And tegra does
>> this to pick the first clock available in DT (at index 0) I think.
>> Other drivers (mostly qcom) who need such dummy OPP table, provide a
>> real clock name instead. Will it be possible to pass that here somehow
>> ?
> Jon,
> Okay, I was able to handle it without making any further updates to
> the OPP core. Nothing else required from your side on this.
> I have pushed the updates (to this patch and 22/31) to opp/linux-next
> branch. You can try it now and it should just work. I have only build
> tested it though.

Thanks. I have reverted the previous versions of 21 and 22, and pulled
in the latest and these are working.



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