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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] Documentation: kunit: remove duplicate kunit-tool.rst
Shuah Khan <> writes:

>> So not that long ago these patches were going through seems
>> that's not happening anymore? I can pick up kunit docs patches,
>> certainly. I've taken the silence on these as assent and applied them.
> I am still taking ksefltest and kunit doc patches through my tree. I wait
> for Brendan to ack at times. This one didn't show up in linux-kselftest
> list it appears.
> If you cc linux-kselftest and I get an ack from Brendan, I will take this
> through kselftest tree.

As I said up above, I went ahead and applied them. I can drop them
again if you want to carry them, just let me know.



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