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SubjectRE: [PATCH] staging: r8188eu: combine nested if statements into one
> Seems to work. But the rules which operation is done first && or == are
> not too easy.

They are the way around you want them to be.
== generates a truth value.
&& and || compare truth values,

The only 'wrong' operator priorities are & and |.
The short-circuiting && and || weren't in the very early
versions of C - the bitwise & and | were used.
When K&R added && and || they left the priorities of & an | alone.
I they they've later said they should have bitten the bullet
and changed the priorities and all the existing C code

> I would prefer to have:
> if (padapter && (pfree_recv_queue == free_recv_queue))
> So it is very easy to read what is evaluated first.

That just starts adding too many () and makes more complex
conditionals hard to read.


> But this is just my opinion and does not have to be right.
> Thanks for your patch.
> Bye Philipp

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