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SubjectRe: [REGRESSION] net: SRv6 End.DT6 function is broken in VRF mode
On 06.06.22 14:33, Andrea Mayer wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Jun 2022 15:23:26 +0300
> Anton Makarov <> wrote:
>> #regzbot introduced: b9132c32e01976686efa26252cc246944a0d2cab
>> Seems there is a regression of SRv6 End.DT6 function in VRF mode. In the
>> following scenario packet is decapsulated successfully on vrf10
>> interface but not forwarded to vrf10's slave interface:
>> ip netns exec r4 ip -6 nexthop add id 1004 encap seg6local action
>> End.DT6 vrftable 10 dev vrf10
>> ip netns exec r4 ip -6 route add fcff:0:4:200:: nhid 1004

#regzbot fixed-by: a3bd2102e4642

> thank you for reporting this issue. I am already working on a fix patch which I
> will send shortly.

@Andrea: when you fix a reported issue, next time please include a
"Link: <url>" that links to the report, as explained in the
documentation (see submitting-patches.rst). Linus wants these tags(¹)
and my regression tracking efforts rely on them (that'S why I had to
write this mail to tell regression tracking bot with above command that
the issue has been fixed). tia!

Ciao, Thorsten

(¹) see for example:

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