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Subject[REGRESSION] connection timeout with routes to VRF

TL;DR: We think we have found a regression in the handling of VRF route leaking
caused by "net: allow binding socket in a VRF when there's an unbound socket"

We've been using VRF on 4.19 (from Debian buster) for serveral years and want to
update. After updating to 5.10 (from bullseye), we can no longer use routes
pointed at the VRF to reach services in the VRF

We use only one VRF, which contains some wireguard VPN interfaces.
Then we have routes outside the VRF to make the network connected to it
reachable from normal processes.

Our minimized test case looks like this:
ip rule add pref 32765 from all lookup local
ip rule del pref 0 from all lookup local
ip link add red type vrf table 1000
ip link set red up
ip route add vrf red unreachable default metric 8192
ip addr add dev red
ip route add dev red
ip vrf exec red socat -dd TCP-LISTEN:1234,reuseaddr,fork SYSTEM:"echo connected" &
sleep 1
nc 1234 < /dev/null

While in our real setup, we connect to hosts reachable via th VRF's VPN
interfaces, the issue also shows up with a simple listening socket in the VRF.
In that case, the SYN-ACK from the remote host leads to a RST from the VRF, so
it seems that the outbound socket is not found.

A bisection with this leads to "net: allow binding socket in a VRF when there's
an unbound socket" (3c82a21f4320).

Before 3c82a21f4320, this connects fine:
2022/06/11 11:11:03 socat[326] N listening on AF=2
nc 1234
2022/06/11 11:11:04 socat[326] N accepting connection from AF=2 on AF=2

Since 3c82a21f4320, the connection does not complete:
2022/06/11 11:16:31 socat[324] N listening on AF=2
+ nc 1234
(... times out)

We've retested with v5.19-rc1-262-g0885eacdc81f, and continue to get the

The partial revert
diff --git a/include/net/inet_hashtables.h b/include/net/inet_hashtables.h
index 98e1ec1a14f0..41e7f20d7e51 100644
--- a/include/net/inet_hashtables.h
+++ b/include/net/inet_hashtables.h
@@ -310,8 +310,9 @@ static inline struct sock *inet_lookup_listener(struct net *net,
 #define INET_MATCH(__sk, __net, __cookie, __saddr, __daddr, __ports, __dif, __sdif) \
        (((__sk)->sk_portpair == (__ports))                     &&      \
         ((__sk)->sk_addrpair == (__cookie))                    &&      \
-        (((__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if == (__dif))                  ||      \
-         ((__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if == (__sdif)))                &&      \
+        (!(__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if      ||                              \
+          ((__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if == (__dif))                 ||      \
+          ((__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if == (__sdif)))               &&      \
         net_eq(sock_net(__sk), (__net)))
 #else /* 32-bit arch */
 #define INET_ADDR_COOKIE(__name, __saddr, __daddr) \
@@ -321,8 +322,9 @@ static inline struct sock *inet_lookup_listener(struct net *net,
        (((__sk)->sk_portpair == (__ports))             &&              \
         ((__sk)->sk_daddr      == (__saddr))           &&              \
         ((__sk)->sk_rcv_saddr  == (__daddr))           &&              \
-        (((__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if == (__dif))          ||              \
-         ((__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if == (__sdif)))        &&              \
+        (!(__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if      ||                              \
+          ((__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if == (__dif))         ||              \
+          ((__sk)->sk_bound_dev_if == (__sdif)))       &&              \
         net_eq(sock_net(__sk), (__net)))
 #endif /* 64-bit arch */

restores the original behavior when applied on v5.18. This doesn't apply
directly on master, as the macro was replaced by an inline function in "inet:
add READ_ONCE(sk->sk_bound_dev_if) in INET_MATCH()" (4915d50e300e).

I have to admit I don't quite understand 3c82a21f4320, so I'm not sure how to
proceed. What would be broken by the partial revert above? Are there better ways
to configure routing into the VRF than simply "ip route add dev
red" that still work?


#regzbot introduced: 3c82a21f4320

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