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Subject[PATCH 0/8] OPP: Add support for multiple clocks

This patchset adds support for device with multiple clocks. None of the clocks
is considered primary in this case and all are handled equally.

This is rebased over a lot of other OPP changes and is pushed here:

git:// opp/clk

Krzysztof, can you please test this for your use case. I wasn't able to test he
multiple clock support.


Viresh Kumar (8):
OPP: Use consistent names for OPP table instances
OPP: Remove rate_not_available parameter to _opp_add()
OPP: Reuse _opp_compare_key() in _opp_add_static_v2()
OPP: Make dev_pm_opp_set_opp() independent of frequency
OPP: Allow multiple clocks for a device
OPP: Add key specific assert() method to key finding helpers
OPP: Assert clk_count == 1 for single clk helpers
OPP: Provide a simple implementation to configure multiple clocks

drivers/opp/core.c | 337 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------
drivers/opp/cpu.c | 12 +-
drivers/opp/debugfs.c | 27 +++-
drivers/opp/of.c | 91 +++++++----
drivers/opp/opp.h | 22 +--
include/linux/pm_opp.h | 17 ++-
6 files changed, 378 insertions(+), 128 deletions(-)


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