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SubjectRE: [PATCH] include/uapi/linux/swab.h: add __u16 cast to __swab16 conditional
From: Nick Desaulniers
> Sent: 08 June 2022 20:35
> The issue we're facing is more so that `ntohs` is being used in
> printf-like expressions; clang's -Wformat warns about default argument
> promotion so we need to clean up cases where smaller-than-int format
> flags are being used for promoted-to-int params. While looking at
> that, Nathan noticed that __swab16 will return either a __u16 or an
> int based on whether __HAVE_BUILTIN_BSWAP16__ is defined, which
> depends on BOTH the compiler being used and target architecture. This
> patch from Justin just cleans that up.

The 'problem' is that the (__u16) cast is likely to add an
extra '& 0xffff' instruction that is almost certainly not

OTOH the lack of this masking has always been a difference between
htons() on BE and LE systems.

But clang is also being over-enthusiastic with its warnings.
IIRC varargs parameters always get integer promotion.
So if %hd ever makes sense for printf then it implies a
mask inside printf.


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