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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/12] can: kvaser_usb: Various fixes
On 28.5.2022 10.42, Jimmy Assarsson wrote:
> On 5/17/22 10:41, Jimmy Assarsson wrote:
>> On 2022-05-16 15:47, Anssi Hannula wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Here's a set of fixes for issues I found while testing kvaser_usb as we
>>> are preparing to start using it in production (with 0bfd:0124).
>> Hi Anssi,
>> Thanks for the patches!
>> I will review and test your fixes before the weekend.
>> Best regards,
>> jimmy
> Sorry for the delay!

No problem!

> To summarize the status.
> These patches look good:
> [PATCH 01/12] can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix overread with an invalid command
> [PATCH 02/12] can: kvaser_usb: Fix use of uninitialized completion
> [PATCH 03/12] can: kvaser_usb: Fix possible completions during
> init_completion
> [PATCH 05/12] can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Set Warning state even without bus
> errors
> [PATCH 10/12] can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix wrong CAN state after stopping
> [PATCH 12/12] can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix bogus restart events
> This looks good, but see comment regarding explicit queue flush:
> [PATCH 06/12] can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix TX queue out of sync after restart

Feel free to drop the flush, or let me know if you want me to resend it
without it.

> I still need some more time looking into:
> PATCH 07/12] can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix CAN state after restart
> PATCH 08/12] can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix improved state not being reported
> PATCH 11/12] can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Ignore stale bus-off after start
> I want to replace
> [PATCH 04/12] can: kvaser_usb: Mark Mini PCIe 2xHS as supporting error
> counters
> with a new patch
> "can: kvaser_usb: kvaser_usb_leaf: Get capabilities from device"
> I want to split the handling of CMD_ERROR_EVENT and the readback
> functionality. I also want to add parameter readback for
> kvaser_usb_hydra. I need more time to look over the can_bittiming_const
> in kvaser_usb_leaf for the different supported firmware.
> [PATCH 09/12] can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix silently failing bus params setup
> I would like to create a V2 series, including my patches, if you are
> okay with it?

Yes, that's fine. I can test your series on my setup as well.

> Best regards,
> jimmy
>>> The biggest caveat is that I only have two devices to test with [1] and I
>>> don't have HW documentation, so there is a possibility that some of the
>>> fixes might not work properly on all HW variants.
>>> Hopefully Jimmy can confirm they look OK, or suggest alternatives.
>>> [1] Tested devices:
>>> - 0bfd:0017 Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/HS FW 2.0.50
>>> - 0bfd:0124 Kvaser Mini PCI Express 2xHS FW 4.18.778

Anssi Hannula / Bitwise Oy
+358 503803997

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