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SubjectRe: [PATCH] HID: apple: Reset quirks when Fn key is not found
Hi Jose,

> Reverting that commit will break battery reporting on the Magic
> Keyboards 2015 and 2021.
> When a keyboard has the APPLE_HAS_FN and another valid quirk, in this
> case APPLE_RDESC_BATTERY, setting asc->quirks = 0 (i.e., removing all
> quirks) also removes the valid ones.

Thanks for the explanation!

> My understanding of Bryan's patch (in cc) was that the new config option
> worked out of the box for Keychron and Apple keyboards and allowed for
> manual configuration where required.
> Could you explain a bit which bug is fixed by reverting these 2
> commits, please? I don't own a Keychron keyboard for testing, so it is
> not obvious to me why this change is required.

I own a GANSS keyboard which encounters this issue as well, related device
information given by `lsusb -v` below:

idVendor 0x05ac Apple, Inc.
idProduct 0x024f Aluminium Keyboard (ANSI)
iManufacturer 1 SONiX
iProduct 2 USB DEVICE

As I searching through, I found similar reports regarding another GANSS
model[1], and other brands like Varmilo[2] (a lot!) and Keychron. As a
common pattern, they mostly use 05ac:024f.

Currently I have two idea:

1. Modify Bryan's patch, so that fnmode default to 2 if device name not
starting with "Apple" (But I can't validate my assumption since I don't
own any Apple keyboards), I'll attach this patch in the next email.

2. Find out which quirk pattern solves this issue brute-forcely, I may
attach this patch later when I finally find a solution.

What's your opinion?

Stay boiled,
Hilton Chain


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