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SubjectRe: [PATCH linux-next v2 00/10] drm: Remove some obsolete drivers(tdfx, mga, i810, savage, r128, sis, via)
On Sat, 3 Dec 2022 at 09:45, Cai Huoqing <> wrote:
> Commit 399516ab0fee ("MAINTAINERS: Add a bunch of legacy (UMS) DRM drivers")
> marked these drivers obsolete 7 years ago.

As the author of said patch - calling them obsolete was a bad decision
on my part.
They are effectively orphan with no maintainer and no other driver(s)
that provide the same, or equivalent functionality.

As a DRM newcomer I would recommend sticking to smaller and more
tangible tasks. The TODO list has plenty of varying complexity.


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