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SubjectRe: [PATCH] hfsplus: Fix bug causing custom uid and gid being unable to be assigned with mount

> Before this change, logic called i_uid_read(inode) and checked mode.
> Now, we check only HFSPLUS_SB_UID/HFSPLUS_SB_GID flags.
> So, if we mount HFS+ volume by “sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt”, then
> HFSPLUS_SB_UID and HFSPLUS_SB_GID flags will be unset.
> And current logic will do nothing. Is it correct logic? Maybe, we need
> to use sbi->uid/gid if flag(s)HFSPLUS_SB_UID/HFSPLUS_SB_GID are set.
> And if not, then to use old logic. Am I correct here? Or am I still missing
> something here?

Well initially I when I tried to investigate what’s wrong, and found that the old logic was the culprit, I did some logging to see what exactly was wrong. The log patch is here btw :-

So I saw that the old logic was always false, no matter whether I mounted with uid or not.

I tried to see what makes this true, but couldn't succeed. So, I thought of a simpler approach and changed the logic itself.

To be honest, I dunno what is the old logic for. Maybe instead of completely removing the old logic, I could use an OR?

If you think its more logical, I can make this change :-

- if (!i_gid_read(inode) && !mode)
+ if ((test_bit(HFSPLUS_SB_UID, &sbi->flags)) || (!i_uid_read(inode) && !mode))


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