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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 3/4] drivers/net/phy: Add driver for the onsemi NCN26000 10BASE-T1S PHY
> > > +static int ncn26000_enable(struct phy_device *phydev)
> > > +{
> >
> > This is actually the config_aneg() implementation, it should be named
> > as such.
> I can certainly rename it, however I did this for a reason. The NCN26000
> only supports P2MP mode. Therefore, it does not support AN (this is
> clearly indicated in the IEEE specifications as well).
> However, it is my understanding that the config_aneg() callback is
> invoked also for PHYs that do not support AN, and this is actually the
> only way to set a link_control bit to have the PHY enable the PMA/PCS
> functions. So I thought to call this function "enable" to make it clear
> we're not really implementing autoneg, but link_control.

Anybody familiar with PHY drivers knows the name is not ideal, but
when they see config_aneg() they have a good idea what it does without
having to look at the code. All PHY drivers should have the same basic
structure, naming etc, just to make knowledge transfer between drivers
easy, maintenance easy, etc.


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