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SubjectRe: Build regressions/improvements in v6.2-rc1
On 12/27/22 02:35, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> sh4-gcc11/sh-allmodconfig (ICE = internal compiler error)

What's your actual test config here? Because when I try make ARCH=sh
allmodconfig; make ARCH=sh it dies in arch/sh/kernel/cpu/sh2/setup-sh7619.c with:

./include/linux/sh_intc.h:100:63: error: division 'sizeof (void *) / sizeof
(void)' does not compute the number of array elements [-Werror=sizeof-pointer-div]
100 | #define _INTC_ARRAY(a) a, __same_type(a, NULL) ? 0 : sizeof(a)/sizeof(*a)

(Which isn't new, lots of configs won't compile off x86 and arm. I'm not sure
allmodconfig is picking a sane/actual cpu/board combo?)

What actual configuration are you trying to build?


P.S. Also my ssh cross gcc is 9.4 so I may need to build gcc-11 to see the
error, but I thought I'd try to reproduce the easy way first...

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