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SubjectRe: Removing the last of IIO_COUNT (stm32-timer-trigger)

> > ---
> > To conclude, there some open items here, but hopefully nothing blocking.
> > In case we sort all these, this will allow to remove the IIO_COUNT
> > channel (along with the IIO device) being registered.
> I'm certain Jonathan will want some sort of deprecation schedule first
> to make sure any existing users have time to migrate to the Counter
> interface before we remove the IIO one, but it will give me a nice
> feeling of completion to see the last of IIO_COUNT superceded by the
> Counter interface. ;-)

If there is nothing in tree, I'm fine 'removing' it. However, note
that we'll have to keep a placeholder for some of the defines to avoid
renumbering other types etc. So probably just stick a couple of underscores
in front to make it __IIO_COUNT and add a comment to say it should not be used.



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