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SubjectRe: [6.2][regression] after commit ffcb754584603adf7039d7972564fbf6febdc542 all sound devices disappeared (due BUG at mm/page_alloc.c:3592!) #forregzbot

On 22.12.22 13:17, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> [Note: this mail contains only information for Linux kernel regression
> tracking. Mails like these contain '#forregzbot' in the subject to make
> then easy to spot and filter out. The author also tried to remove most
> or all individuals from the list of recipients to spare them the hassle.]
> On 15.12.22 15:17, Mikhail Gavrilov wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The kernel 6.2 preparation cycle has begun and yesterday after the
>> kernel was updated on my Fedora Rawhide all audio devices disappeared.
> Thanks for the report. To be sure below issue doesn't fall through the
> cracks unnoticed, I'm adding it to regzbot, my Linux kernel regression
> tracking bot:
> #regzbot ^introduced ffcb754584603adf
> #regzbot title dma-mapping: audio devices disappeared
> #regzbot monitor:
> #regzbot fix: dma-mapping: reject GFP_COMP for noncohernt allocaions

The typo in the subject of the fix was fixed, hence this is needed:

#regzbot fix: 3622b86f49f8

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