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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pktcdvd: remove driver.
On Saturday 24 December 2022 14:17:13 Keith Busch wrote:
> As a matter of procedure, could patches deprecating modules perhaps add
> a loud kernel warning message somewhere in the module's execution path
> as a means to mitigate any surprises for people using it?

Sounds like a good idea. But it is needed to find a place for "somewhere".
And message should contain what does that deprecation means. Because for
more software products it means that software is being replaced by
another one. So it could be confusing that it is just needed to switch
from module A to module B and that is all. But for this case there is no

And based on my experience, users (including me) are using distributions
LTS kernels in production. So do not forget that it takes lot of time
until some distributions switch from one LTS version to another LTS
version and so it would take lot of time until deprecation warning is
visible to user. (Maybe deprecation information could be "backported" to
LTS kernels?)

In any case I would prefer some documented webpage with all deprecation
information. Like there is releases webpage which says exact day when
particular LTS version is EOL:

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